If I Had a Name

If I had a name, I would tell you that name

 If I had a voice, it would sound like the winds whisper dancing on your ears

If I had a body and could move among you, it would be the body of a child

A child full of mischief and wonder

And I would make you play with me in the make-believe of my mind.


But as it is, I have no name and I have no voice

I stand by the door and I wait for it too open

I watch by the window and hope you’ll look up and see my shadow in the glass

I hide in the dust and compartments of your world

I am waiting.



I hear you outside the door and I know you want to enter

What wonders I could show you, what places I could take you

I could make you a film star, mother or a soldier fighting battles, a hero

I could make you beautiful or I could turn you in to a monster

I could make you an animal that was caged or I could make you free

I could turn you in to rain.


I know you fear me, as right you should. I am the unknown

You could get lost forever in the dust and compartments of my world

But in my world what wonders you could be!


You could be a clown in the circus, or a princess in a tower

You could be a jazz singer making music history

A great man running the world with courage and power

I could make you the things you’ve dreamed of, in those dull moments of your life

So step inside the door, look up at the glass 


I need you as you need me

I need you to be my voice, my body and my name

I am a shadow in the darkness that lives only with the light of you

So step inside the door my lovely, let the games begin.


I think we’ll start with something wonderful like a dancer or a singer

I know that’s something you’ve always wanted to be

I see the light creeping in and I am waiting just over here

You’re here and now you are mine, come let us play!

And let’s start by giving me a name. 


About Rebecca Windsor

I'm an actor and writer living in London. View all posts by Rebecca Windsor

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