Women, will always need women.

A crazy, beautiful, little old Welsh lady once said to me that women, will always need women, and those few simple words have stayed with me ever since. On the 8th March this year it was international Women’s Day and as much as I enjoyed the fact it was also pancake day, it also made me think about the wonderful women in my own life. Funny, clever, crazy, delightful women that without whom I would be more than a little lost. Women that I’ve laughed with, cried with, danced with, walked with, skinny dipped with, and sat quietly with. Ladies that I’m sharing my life with, and who have also kindly allowed me to share in theirs. Women that are doing incredible things with their lives, even if they think their not. Women that may not be on Wikipedia, but who are defiantly making an impact in their own way and right. To these women, my friends, I am grateful that I have you, and to the partners that are entering our lives one by one you are very welcome! We aint prejudice, all we ask is that once a week or once a month we can go be crazy together somewhere in order to keep sane. 

Thanks x


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