Little Girl.

She was seven years old, when the moon first started to follow her home. She noticed him as she walked along the coastal road. The sea was on one side of her and the mountains were on the other, and there he was. The man on the moon, watching her from the night sky. She rushed straight to bed and looked up out her window to ask him for dreams of rainbows and circus’, of white horses and ladies that lived on clouds.

Every night after, she would wait for him by her window, or if the sky grew dark and bed was a long way off, she would look up to him from the road and ask him to guide her safely home. She thought it meant she was special. She started to see horses faces in the ocean and beautiful women dancing on the stars. She saw flowers talking to each other and giants footprints in the dirt. She thought it meant she wasn’t alone. Sometimes he was hard to find, when the clouds would play hide and seek with her, or when only half his face was on show. She would miss him on those nights. The world it seemed, was a darker and more frightening place. She would have nightmares of wars and death. Of being left alone in the dark. She never grew up, the little girl who was friends with the man on the moon. Some people say she disappeared in the night, others, that she died in the ocean. Some say she left to live with bears and wolves in the mountains.

She didn’t leave or die, she just went to live with the man on the moon…


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