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A field of Daisy’s

She led in a field of daisy’s and stared at the sky. Just a child, waiting for magic to pore from the clouds.

The daisy’s hid her body from the world. Hid her from time. She could just lie with them and laugh as they tickled her skin, and watched her smiles.

She would lie amongst the earth and bugs in till her name was finally called by a worried and longing voice, and even then. She would try to disappear further in to the ground, not wanting to go home. Not wanting to be seen or heard. 

She was a child with a free spirit. Hard to understand, hard to pin down and difficult to read. Adults were fearful of her future. Fearful of her disappearing without a trace.     

She was the little girl who was never asked to tea. She was the child that was always asked to leave. She was the child that led in a filed of daisy’s and stared at the sky. She was the child, that wanted more from her elders and believed they could do better. She was the question at the end of their words.

She was the child that was brought to the front of the class to explain her silence. She was the child that refused to grow up. She was the child that was afraid of older hands, and difficult feelings. She was the girl, that became a woman, that left her heart in a field of daisy’s, staring up at the sky.      


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