There’s something you should know, about the working class artist…

we’re still here.

Be it actor, writer, dancer, painter, whatever medium you choose… we’re still here.

There’s been a lot of press recently, about how it feels/seems that to be an actor especially in this town, your only real option… is to be posh.

Sure. Money makes life easier. It always has and it always will. Even more so if you are an artist, because it can give you time. It can buy you the freedom to chase after the dream.

But here’s the thing.

The rest of us… we’re still here! We haven’t gone away.

We’re still banging on your doors, and we’re still making jobs for ourselves. We don’t need the money. We need opportunities.

We need your attention.

So many of us are working two, sometimes three jobs just to support ourselves and still finding the time to write, dance, sing, create! In whatever capacity our big, wonderful, crazy imaginations are comfortable working within. We haven’t given up hope and we haven’t gone away.

I can write this… because I know. I’m one of them.

I’ve worked crazy hours and filled the space in between. And I’m not alone. I’ve gotten in to debt. Gotten out of debt. Gotten back in to debt. Because of the risks I took. And I’m not alone. I’ve moved a lot and been scared about paying the bills. And I’m not alone.

We’ve built wonderful relationships among ourselves. Supporting the work we do. Seeing each other’s shows. Reading each others words. Buying each other dinner when the money is low, and even, as is my case at the moment… allowing us to stay in each other’s homes when the chips are down.

Of course this is our own entire fault! We are accepting of the blame and responsibility. I could have chosen a more stable career. Many days, I wish it was so… but here’s the thing… not all of us want that sort of life. We’re not built for it. It simply makes us unhappy. We’d rather be poor.

We don’t want to be poor. But we’ll take that over settling for something less.

The problem is simply that it’s harder for us to get through the door. To be seen for the audition, to get you to read our work and to find the funding… but we’re not giving up. We haven’t gone away.

And here’s the promise. And it is a promise. It’s in no way a threat. It’s simply that we will always find a way. We’ll write our words, we’ll put on our shows, we’ll dance in the street and we’ll paint on the walls. We will always find away of trying to be ourselves.

We don’t need to have come from money.

All we need… is to be seen. Heard. Come see our work. Audition an outsider for the part. Open up the doors more.

Did you know? That some of the biggest theaters in London only see auditionees from certain drama schools? They’ve shut the door before even taking a peek outside and seeing what the world has to offer.

This is what we are talking about.

Let us in. Meet us. Talk to us… then decide. But give us a chance at least.

And here’s what I say to you, you lovely struggling artist you! Don’t give up. I know it’s difficult. I know you’re tired. I know you’re wondering if you’ve wasted your life and are you really good enough… But here’s the thing. At least we are trying. We haven’t been silenced and we haven’t gone away.

Promise me you never will… because, they may not know it yet, but they need us, all of us.


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One response to “There’s something you should know, about the working class artist…

  • Pops

    From the heart, dear heart. And now your dear old daddy is an actor, and I couldn’t be more working class if I tried. Perhaps that is the credentials required? Turn the whole thing on its head. ‘Excuse me Mr Casting director, you need an actor with a regional accent? Well how about using an actor from the region in question, and not some posh idiot trying to put on a regional accent.’ Ooh, I say! 😁

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