A play – Matilda, Mike and Dan

In February 2011 I completed my first play, ‘Matilda, Mike & Dan’.

A new and exciting challenge, that involved several read through’s, a workshop in late January 2011 at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden, and, after four re-writes submission to new writing theatres in London.

Theatres such as The National, Bush, Royal Court and Soho.

On receiving feedback such as:

‘I did want to say that our reader found much to admire in the play. They really appreciated your ability to weave humour and touching characterisation amongst it all.  They recognised your imagination as a writer, so I would be very keen to read more of your work in the future.’ The National

We enjoyed the dark humour of the writing, which often made us laugh out loud. The pace of the dialogue sustains the momentum.’ Nic Wass, Royal Court

‘You certainly have a great ear for sharp and amusing dialogue. You instinctively know how to keep sentences short and pithy, which is what actors love, and it keeps the pace rattling along. Good characters too. I can see why the NT and RC were impressed. If it’s your first play then it’s a brilliant attempt and shows you have all the talents.’ Robin Hawdon

I decided to re-write the ending of the piece and I am pleased to say that ‘Matilda, Mike & Dan’ had a weeks run at the Pleasance Theatre Islington, 3rd – 7th April 2012 @ 7.45pm!

See details @ ‘Matilda, Mike & Dan’


Matilda, Mike and Dan


5 responses to “A play – Matilda, Mike and Dan

  • Luke

    Hi Rebecca. Sorry to randomly message you like this; I found this blog when I was Googling Paines Plough. Just wondering – did you ever hear back from them re: the second read of ‘Matilda, Mike & Dan’? I only ask because they’re currently giving a script of mine a second read and it’s been ages. I’m not quite sure what to expect!

    • Rebecca Windsor

      Hi Luke! Many congrats on Paines Plough giving your script a second read! They are great at responding and will get back to you with any feedback. Can take a while, but usually the longer, the better, means its being properly considered! All the best with it, Becky

  • Luke

    Thanks! They said it’d be four weeks and (as of today) it’s been nine months. Lol. I’m just hoping they want to do something with it/me after all this waiting. Still – I’m writing another script at the moment. Congratulations on getting MM&D into production :).

  • Luke

    I have – they’ve basically said “you’ll just have to be patient!”

    Thanks for the info/advice :).

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