Shadows – A one man show

In the summer of 2014 I wrote and produced a one man show for the Camden Fringe.

The show was called, Shadows.


You can download the script here: Shadows edit 2

What the critics said! 

**** Official Theatre: ‘The best aspect to Shadows is its clever and thought provoking script. Windsor manages to capture the inner complexity of a man with a seemingly non-extraordinary existence. The text implores the audience to intellectually engage with what is being said, which is no mean feat and somewhat of a rarity these days. I imagine Peter’s monologue struck a chord with more than just me as his thoughts ranged from the mundane to the somewhat existential. I mean, haven’t we all pondered the meaning of our own existence?’

*** Views from the Gods: ‘For a piece that’s all about darkness, Shadows really does shine a light on Windsor’s potential, and I’d like to see what she can do with a full length piece.’

Read the full reviews here:

Official Theatre

Views from the Gods



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